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We are a small law office serving the people of Santa Cruz County including Scotts Valley and the San Lorenzo Valley. We provide people and families with the legal help they need to resolve their family law and estate planning needs.

We understand that at many times estate planning needs become apparent during times when getting into a lawyers office is either inconvenient or impossible. Starting in June 2011, to meet this need we will provide mobile estate planning and notary services to hospitals rooms and your home. This includes travel to your location, creation of documents and notary of documents.

Family Law

Every family law case is unique so understanding the needs of you and your family is a fundamental part of finding a strategy that works for you. Exploring options such as mediation and collaborative law may provide options you had not considered. However if they are not right for your case I will advocate on your behalf and help fight for you and the needs of your family.

We provide mediation and legal representation for a variety of family law issues including:

As an attorney my goal is to do more than just provide you with a result. In addition to finalizing a divorce or creating a custody agreement I want to help you make the emotional, physical and financial transitions that accompany a divorce and other family law issues. Help can come in many forms and at a variety of costs. Counseling, co-parenting classes, financial counseling, clergy, school psychiatrist are just a few places we can help you look for the additional help you need.

Estate Planning

The term estate planning can mean so many different things to so many different people. Creating a Will, Living Trust, Health Care Directive and Power of Attorney are part of the process, but we need to get to look at what is important to you so we can tailor your estate plan to your needs. To a family with young children the most important issues may be appointing a guardian and setting out your wishes for your property. However issues like owning a business, second marriages and health concerns all have a significant impact on how an estate plan is created.

Helping you realize your estate plan is more than just an opportunity to determine who gets your assets. It is a way to make sure we get the health care we want; make sure somebody is there to pay our bills if we are unable to; make sure our religious beliefs are respected and make sure that our remaining families interests are protected. It is challenging to face our own mortality and make these decisions, but it is difficult to explain the peace of mind that will come with completing an estate plan.

At the Law Offices of Keith Dysart we will sit down with you and find answers to the tough questions necessary to complete your estate plan. We will help you develop a plan that takes into account your needs no matter what they are. We will help you determine what documents best serve your needs and prepare them for you. Some of the documents we prepare include:

In addition to creating Estate Plans we can help you administer an estate after a loved one passes away. Whether your loved one had a will or Living Trust or never made their final wishes know we can help you understand the process. There are many duties left to the Executors of Wills or subsequent Trustees and finding the right help can be crucial.

Recent News and Updates

Our mission is to provide the people of Santa Cruz and the San Lorenzo Valley with high quality information that is relevant to their family law and estate planning needs. Please visit often for updates on our website and current news.

Updates for March, 2013

The Law Offices of Keith Dysart have moved to a new location. We are now located in Soquel at 2805 Porter Street. Please call us if you have any questions.