Santa Cruz Estate Planning Attorney


Conservatorship is a court process whereby one person can be appointed to become legally responsible for another person, their estate or both. The process for appointing a conservator for an adult is similar to that of having a guardian appointed for a minor child.

A conservator may be necessary for a number of reasons. People who suffer from mental, physical or developmental disabilities may be unable to care for themselves. In addition elderly people may find themselves in a position where their day to day needs become more than they can handle. A conservatorship offers a legal vehicle where a caregiver can be named to take care of the day-to-day needs of the person.

This can a challenging issue and often the person you are trying to protect may reject the idea. It is important to balance their needs to be independent while making sure they have a safe environment. The goal generally is to just handle some of the day-to-day issues and allow the person to live as independently as possible.