Santa Cruz Family Law Attorney

Child Custody

Child custody may be one of the most difficult family law issues to resolve. As a parent you have the right to spend time with your child and make decisions regarding how your child is raised. As your attorney I will help you understand your legally protected rights and help you look after the best interests of your child.

Child custody may be one of the more volatile aspects of a divorce. Each parent has an idea of what the custody agreement should look like and conflicts can arise even when both parents have the best of intentions. As your attorney I can help you consider if mediation or collaborative law are possible of your custody issue or if it is necessary to involve the courts.

The possibility of mediation or collaborative law should always be considered. Your first hand knowledge of your family makes you the best candidate to determine the best solution for your child custody issues. I can help you consider a private agreement if it appears everybody is willing to work out a solution without involving the courts.

In cases where emotions are too raw or there is a history of abuse mediation or collaborative law may be more detrimental than helpful. In these cases we will still consider the possibility of a private agreement but special weight needs to be given to protecting you and avoiding direct conflicts. Involving the court may provide an authority figure that can maintain a safe environment. In these cases I can help you navigate the numerous stages of the court process and advocate on your behalf.

If your child custody issue cannot be resolved before trial the disputes will likely involve increased stress and conflict that can have a detrimental effect on you and your children. We understand these custody cases may involve genuine risks to your rights or to the best interest of your child, so trial may be the only way to resolve the dispute. We understand the importance of your child custody issues and nothing in life should be as tightly guarded or fiercely protected as our children.

Whether you are able to peacefully resolve your custody issues or need to involve the court, we will work with you to understand your concerns and try to find a resolution that meets your needs.