Santa Cruz County Divorce Attorney

Divorce and Family Law

A divorce is as unique as the marriage behind it. Relationships can fail for numerous reasons and by understanding your situation I can help you choose an approach that fits your needs. My goal as an attorney is to help you resolve you family law issues in a way that will let you start down a new path.

Divorce is among the most challenging problems you could ever face. Not only must you deal with the emotional strain of terminating your marriage, but you must deal with child custody, child support, spousal support and diving your property. As an attorney I strive to make sure you understand your rights and options as you work through the divorce process. Together we can find a strategy that will meet your needs. A divorce is challenging and they will be some bumps along the way, but the more that can be resolved through mediation and negotiations outside of court the better the process may end up. In most cases your first hand knowledge of your family makes you a better candidate than a judge to determine what is best. Agreements outside of court can greatly reduce the costs of a trial.

I believe mediation and negotiations should resolve most divorce issues, but there are times when the courts involvement is needed. In cases where private agreements cannot be reached and emotions are at a boiling point it is important to have an attorney to help manage the process. As an attorney I can appear in court with you, file necessary documents with the court, filter hostile communications and advocate on your behalf. I understand the importance of family and nothing should be as tightly guarded or fiercely protected as our loved ones.

After the divorce process is completed you may find you and your family have emotional and financial needs left by the ordeal. Your family's income has been drastically altered and your children may have a hard time adjusting. I can help you find financial counseling, or help you get your child into a school therapist. My goal is to help you find a safe place for you to begin your new journey after this difficult ordeal.