Santa Cruz Family Law Attorney

Advocacy for Domestic Partnerships

Domestic partnerships offer a legally recognized relationship to same sex couples or couples where at least one person is over the age of 62. In 2007 numerous rights were created for domestic partners to ensure they had rights like hospital visitation and insurance like their married couples. I can help you determine if your rights are being violated and what steps to take to protect them if they are.

Creation of a domestic partnership is generally simple. In some senses even simpler than getting married. Filing the correct documents are simple enough they can be done by a couple easily. The rights you receive as a domestic partner also mimic those of married couples. So unless there are special issues like pre-marital agreements or issues like adoption that need to be resolved understanding your rights generally is a simple matter.

Along with the same rights as marriage come all the other challenges of marriage. Termination of a domestic partnership raises many of the same issues as divorce. Property acquired during a domestic partnership is community property and must be divided. Children born to one partner are presumed the children of both so child custody issues can arise. Child support and spousal support can also become issues. If you are terminating a domestic relationship I can help you resolve these issues in the same manner a divorce would be handled.