Santa Cruz Family Law Attorney

Mediation for Divorce

Mediation offers an alternative to traditional attorney representation. With traditional attorney representation many people are often left feeling like they were not listened to or that they got a result that does not meet their specific needs. Mediation may give you opportunity to reach a result that takes into account the individual needs of you and your family.

Our goal beginning mediation is to provide everybody with legal guidance they need and a safe environment to openly discuss their concerns. The opportunity to work through your emotions and understand the needs of everybody involved may lead to a resolution better suited to the specific needs of your case. Family law cases may be difficult to mediate because the strong emotions involved, but attempting to resolve your case without involving the courts may greatly reduce the conflict involved.

As effective as mediation may be, there will be cases when it can cause more harm than good. Mediation should not be considered when emotions are too raw or if there is a history of abuse. If you feel mediation sounds like an option you would like to explore we invite you to discuss the possibility with the other party. We can also help contact the other party on your behalf to inform them of the benefits of mediation.

Many people may be skeptical about mediation, but it has become a much more accepted way to resolve family disputes. In most cases the court will also require mandatory mediation before any evidentiary hearings take place. If you believe your family law issues can be resolved without involving the court I can help you decide if mediation is a viable option for you.