Santa Cruz Estate Planning Attorney

Mobile Estate Planning

We understand that at many times estate planning needs become apparent during times when getting into a lawyers office is either inconvenient or impossible. To meet this need we will provide mobile estate planning and notary services to hospitals rooms and your home. This includes travel to your location, creation of documents needed and notary of documents.

It becomes important to understand it may be hit or miss with this service. Often a people in the hospital may go in and out of periods of lucidness and it may take several attempts for us to get them in the right state of mind to create a binding document.

We can complete any estate planning documents necessary to meet a person's needs. Completing an Advanced Health Care Directive for somebody in a hospital is pretty straight forward, however it is important to understand document such as a living trust take more than just drafting to be effective. We can help create deeds and forms to help fund the trust, but it will require more coordination and time to complete the process.