Santa Cruz Family Law Attorney

Modifying an Existing Custody Agreement

There may be reasons you want to modify an existing custody agreement. If circumstances have changed or the first agreement did not adequately protect your rights it may be possible to seek a modification. As your attorney I can help you determine if a modification can be reached by a private agreement or by involving the courts.

As time passes it is possible that your motivations for agreeing to a custody agreement no longer exist. The current agreement may no longer serve the best interests of your child for numerous reasons including remarriage or job schedule changes. I can help you determine if a modification of your custody agreement is possible and what steps to take.

A child custody agreement may be modified privately if you and your co-parent agree it best serves the interests of your child. If you both agree a modification is possible but cannot reach an agreement on the terms, I can offer my services as a mediator to help facilitate an agreement or as an attorney to help negotiate an agreement on your behalf. If it is possible a private agreement should be considered as it may alleviate the stress to you and your child that arises from involving the court.

If you cannot reach an agreement together then one of you may ask the court for a modification of the existing custody agreement. The courts may grant a modification if it finds doing so is in the best interest of your child. As your attorney I can help you determine if the court is likely to grant a modification and help you start the legal proceedings.

Stability and minimizing conflict are important factors to considering the best interest of your child. As such any modifications should seek a long term solution. So whether you are attempting a private modification or asking the court for a modification I will do my best to help you create a new custody agreement that meets the needs of you and your child.