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Paternity: Father's Rights and Obligations

The relationship between a child and father is a special thing, but there are times when this bond is not legally recognized. Under circumstances such as when a child is born out of wedlock the legal parent-child relationship may not have been created. A paternity action offers everybody the opportunity to create that legal bond usually enjoyed by a child and their parents.

A paternity test may be brought by the alleged father, mother or child for numerous reasons. Common reasons to file a paternity action include:

  • Child Support
  • Father’s right to child custody
  • Consent issues for adoption
  • Inheritance rights of Child
  • Child’s receiving U.S. citizenship

If there is not a legal parent child relationship then a paternity action is required before child support or child custody can be ordered by the court. In addition a paternity action will be required to protect the child’s inheritance rights and make sure the child receives their father’s citizenship. A paternity action may be a useful tool to protect the ones we love and ensure they receive the rights and protections they deserve.