Family Law and Estate Planning

Keith Dysart, Attorney at Law

My name is Keith Dysart and I am an attorney serving the residents of Santa Cruz County. I practice family law and estate planning because they give me the opportunity bring together my family values and professional desire to help people.

I have found it is of the upmost importance to listen to people if I want to understand their legal needs. Each person is surrounded by different circumstances and their legal goals will be as unique as they are. With this in mind I work hard to provide each person with the legal and personal support they need.

For people going through a divorce the most important thing I can do is understand what you have at stake and stand by your side. Protecting your rights and helping you navigate the court system are important steps to take to make sure you get a fair result so you can move on. Leaving the unhappiness of a marriage behind is challenging, but together we can work to make sure you are heard and your rights are protected.

With estate planning my goal is help people protect their loved ones and preserve their family heritage. Dealing with taxes is one facet to be taken care of, but I want to focus the experience of creating an estate plan of the legacy you are leaving for your loved ones. If we can focus your estate plan on your family and relationships, the little details will take care of themselves in the formalities.

Education and Training

I graduated from John F. Kennedy University School of Law where I graduated third in my class and received numerous awards for academic excellence.

I attended a four day extensive mediation training course taught by the Santa Cruz Conflict Resolution Center.

I am a member of the following legal groups:

  • American Bar Association
  • California Bar Association
  • California Bar Association Family Law Section
  • Santa Cruz Bar Association
  • Santa Cruz Bar Association Family Law Group

I am a member of the following non-profit groups:

  • Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce
  • San Lorenzo Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Santa Cruz Host Lions Club
  • Possibility Advocate Society